arnold urquidez

Mr. Arnold Urquidez, President and co-founder of USAsia Consulting, is responsible for setting the vision and strategy of the company. He also handles public relations and projects in the sports and wine industries. Under Mr. Urquidez's guidance, USAsia has brought American sports teams to China as well as Chinese athletes to the USA for training.

Since 2006, Mr. Urquidez has served as a Foreign Expert Consultant for the Chinese Olympic boxing team, which won its first gold medals, ever, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Mr. Urquidez also serves as Head Coach of Boxing at Beijing Sports University, where he trains the men's and women's boxing teams as well as the mixed martial arts team. Mr. Urquidez's students, who compete nationwide within China, are nationally ranked.

Mr. Urquidez is recognized throughout the world as one of the founders of American martial arts. He has been inducted into the Martial Arts Museum, the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and is known for managing and training many world champions in kick boxing and boxing. Mr. Urquidez remains known in the boxing and martial arts world for a lifetime of achievements, including writing the first set of kick boxing rules in the United States (adopted by the State of California), training the first kick boxing coaches in the United States, founding the Kenpo-Shotokan style of karate (the first American martial arts style), and for being among the first promoters of foreign boxing and kick boxing fighters in Japan. Mr. Urquidez is a recognized seventh-degree black belt and martial arts Grand Master in Japan and the United States.

Prior to co-founding USAsia, Mr. Urquidez was a successful entrepreneur, real estate developer and grade-A builder in the State of California in the USA. His investments have included businesses in music production, food and beverage retailing, microfinance for small businesses and in the automotive industry. Mr. Urquidez has also dedicated a significant amount of his time and efforts to providing community service and support for at risk youth.