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USAsia Consulting Inc. offers a combination of advisory services to international companies who wish to enter China, and to international companies already in Asia who face challenges in moving their businesses forward.

The vast opportunity in China is reflected by the recent growth in the private sector. Spurred on by the government's need to promote growth in a stale economy, gradual deregulation and economic reform and execution of World Trade Organizations requirements, nearly all of China's markets have now opened to foreign investments and Chinese entrepreneurs. As a result, private industry has emerged as one of the major economic drivers in China.

Many international companies, however, regardless of resources available to them, are unable to successfully navigate the regulatory process and governing bodies in a timely manner to create firest mover advantage. The result for amny international companies is their complete inability to enter the market, their inability to sustain the market upon entry, and in some instances, major strategic and legal failures which lead to the need to withdraw from the market.